Solo Live Cultural Performance

The best antidote for the clash of cultures is Music. This solo performance is uplifting, joyous, and participatory. Karim performs multiple drums, stomping and sticking folk dances, and melodic stories. He invokes Arab culture with acrobatic rhythms and percussive movement, for a modern setting. He strums songs on classical Arab and Pharonic instruments, orating anecdotes and giving verbal guidance through his tradition. This inclusive performance is education delivered as entertainment. Nagi will drum, chant, and dance until the stage is glowing, and the audience is enchanted.

School Assemblies, Classrooms, and Outreach

One can see the soul of the Arab and their emotional conscience through the art forms that have dominated their lives over centuries. Arabiqa's goal is to demonstrate the depth of Arab art as exemplified in music and dance. Karim Nagi's presentations are highly participatory, entertaining, and geared towards young audiences. Arab culture, through the universal language of music, becomes demystified and humanized. The beauty and authenticity of Arabic music and dance serve as a convincing demonstration of the simultaneous exoticism and familiarity of this ancient culture.

Musical Theatre Play

The musical oratory features Drummer, DJ & Orator Karim Nagi, who guides you on an alternative tour of the Arab World & Arab Diaspora. Using percussion, verse, storytelling, video projections and an urban remix soundscape, Karim describes revolution, recreation, immigration, profiling, identity, food, dance, music & humor. Pieces like "Yalla Yalla" poetically chronicle the Arab Spring, while the anthem "Baladi TukTuk" describes the challenges of immigration. Nagi's witty writing and iconic artwork are all tied together by his articulate percussion and bold movements.

DJ show with Drumming & Dancing

He turns the entire room into an enthusiastic session of Arabic & Pan-Eastern celebration. Dj Karim Nagi a.k.a. Turbo Tabla has released 4 internationally distributed CDs of his unique Arabic dance music. He resurrects and remixes classic Arabic, Indian and House, plus Arabizes Western music. An active performance DJ, Karim ignites the sets with live orchestrated drumming on the Egyptian Tabla, giving the dance floor a "concert" dimension. He invites talented dancers, troupes and soloists to duet and jam with his drum, mixes, and his audiences. Drum+DJ+Dance=Party!

Two to Six person Arab Band

This all native group revives the Arab musical tradition. Sharq unearths the acoustic instruments once expelled by machines, and re-sings songs once ignored by the urban haste. Karim Nagi conscripts established musicians, like Moroccans Rachid Halihal and Boujemaa Razgui, and Syrians Aboud Agha and Kareem Roustom. These multi instrumentalists and singers augment the elegant and virtuosic rhymes of Karim's percussion, and his theatrical folk dances. The group presents one classical Art Music suite, and one Pan-Arab Folkloric set with each show.