Darabist Drum Solo Rhythmatiq w/ Andalee (California, USA)

Dumum wa Takat Rhythmatiq w/ Elsie Mak (Hong Kong)

Saidi Rhythmatiq w/ Soma (Ohio, USA)

Hezz Rhythmatiq w/ Dahab (Thunder Bay, Canada)

Qafla Ma Salama Rhythmatiq w/ Layla (Queretaro, Mexico)

Masmoodi Rhythmatiq w/ Yi-Sin (Taipei, Taiwan)

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The pace, attitude, and style of a culture are all found within its rhythms. When listening to the rhythms of the Arab world, one can often hear the flowing demeanor, the complex ideas, and the balance between being both energetic and meditative. One can feel the pride unconquored by hardship. One can hear the Bedouin impulse for freedom, interrupted by The Regime. One can also use these rhythms to visualize the landscape of flowing dunes, interrupted by urban sprawl. Through rhythm, the soul of the Arab is illustrated; it is a portrait as succinct as a trance, and as intricate as dance.

RHYTHMATIQ is a renewal of these traditional Arab rhythms and musical genres. The drums are all played with the delicate filigree of classical finger work, yet still strong and forceful. Each of the 15 tracks has an ensemble of hand drums, voices, and urban soundscapes. Scatting vocalizations, reminiscent of the Indian bol rhythmic singing, are added. The "Dum Iss Tak" and incantation of the traditional rhythm names create an identity for the otherwise abstract sounds and strikes. It allows the listener to be passively educated, remembering the traditional rhythm without losing the groove.

Remixing, DJ soundcraft, and sonic quoting help complete the rejeuvanation of elder rhythms. The tradition is rebirthed, with a strong gene, and tools for survival. The innate acoustic character is bolstered by the modern sonic ethic. A skin drum, a human voice, and a digitized analog melody all compute into a rhythmic formula. This arithmetic is the math behind RHYTHMATIQ. The beats create a body action, and the equation yields Dance. Each "Dum" pushes the hips and legs, each "Tak" pops the chest, arms and head. The melodies create the enchantment needed to inspire the mover. The sum is the rhythmic celebration of a culture.

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Karim Nagi: Rhythmatiq

RHYTHMATIQ is a collection of 15 Arabic rhythms, drum solos and traditional genres, updated with an urban relevance. Using vocals, melody and remix, Arab musician KARIM NAGI develops individual rhythms into complete songs. Each piece can stand alone or be assembled with others to make a playlist or dance performance set. The physical CD includes an Arab rhythm chart.

Karim Nagi: Rhythmatiq
Khaliji Rhythmatiq w/ Aasiyah & Yame (New Jersey, USA)

Takalicious Drum Solo Rhythmatiq w/ Ana Percic (Slovenia)

Ayoob Rhythmatiq w/ Ariel & Geri Celi (California, USA)

Andalusi Rhythmatiq w/ Roshana (Miami, USA)

Hagalla Rhythmatiq w/ Flora Asadeh (Montpellier, France)
Fallahi Rhythmatiq w/ Kazumi (Tokyo, Japan)

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