Karim Nagi is a native Egyptian musician and an accomplished performer and teacher of the RIQQ (Arab Tambourine). In this DVD Karim provides a detailed and vivid 2 hours of instruction. Karim explains proper technique, performs rhythms, and demonstrates how to accompany other musicians. Karim guides the student from the very beginning with grip and tone generation, all the way through advanced techniques and rhythms. This pure Arabic technique and style can be effectively applied to general Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Medieval European styles and music. The RIQQ is a versatile instrument with endless possibilities for color and expression. This DVD is the first definitive video tool that presents this unique instrument in its original, authentic usage and method for all levels.
lessons by chapter include:
1. Introduction - the system and approach to playing the traditional Arab style and method.
2. Open Position - a.k.a. "Cabaret Style" using cymbals (examples ayyub, masmudi & malfuf).
3. Closed Position - a.k.a. "Classical Style" using skin (examples ayyub, masmudi & malfuf).
4. Loud Position - rhythmic shaking and rocking for an energetic volume and pace.
5. Switching Positions - going between each position seamlessly, to follow the music.
6. Rhythm Examples - from the simple to the complex: (wahda, york, muhaggar and more).
7. Accompaniment - Samai, Andalusian, and Qudud with oudist & singer Aboud Agha.
8. Solo by Karim Nagi.

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First of all I would like to say SORRY for my bad English. Second of all I would like to bow before you and thank you for a great time I spend watching your DVD. I am a beginner with a big B in riqq. I have some videos and a few dvds I bought to understand this amazing instrument but the only one that gave me this much fun and wisdom is your Riqq instructional dvd. Great stuff. I have watched lots o musicians playing Arabic music but I must say watching you doing accompaniment or playing solo is just brain relaxing.
Thank you for a great time and maybe one day I may send you my short video with me playing riqq With you as my virtual teacher ;) -Julian Oczkowski
Hello M. Nagi,
My name is Mohammad Mghaeth, I'm a tabla (darbouka) player and I live in Paris. I recently wanted to begin playing "riqq" but I have no time to take some lessons in order to learn the right hits and hand positions (I have no problem for the rythms thanks to the tabla). By chance, I found your intructional "riqq" dvd on internet and I bought it. After viewing it, I want to congratulate you for the quality of this technical support and for the clearness of the instructions. I'll will advise some friends to buy it.
I'm happy to see that there are some people like you who try to use modern supports (dvd) to allow people in the occidental side of the world to know this magnific instrument and learn playing it. There's a lack of this kind of initiative in our oriental countries!!
I'm sorry for my approximate english. Cordially -M2
Dear Karim,
I just wanted to let you know how excited I have been to study riqq since my purchase of your instructional DVD.
It is the definitive instructional video! Every aspect of your DVD -- from your descriptions of how to hold the instrument, to your examples of exercises for the different techniques and rhythms, to your demonstrations of accompanying, to your inspiring solo -- are so clear in structure and format, that I feel as though each time I view it, I am receiving many hours of private instruction and a window to many "secrets" to playing well.
When I first received the DVD, I practiced with it for several hours per day. I only wish that I had known about it prior to your arrival in Portland, since my riqq technique has improved dramatically as a result of working "with you." I encourage everyone I know who expresses an interest in serious study of the riqq (or just expresses a general interest in playing) to purchase a copy of your DVD -- I hope that you will see a dramatic increase in sales over the next few months! Be well, - Lara Triback
Karim Nagi's Instructional Riqq DVD is one of the very few things on the market that is so clear and concise, yet thorough. His lessons take one from beginning to advanced techniques, and in a manner which progresses logically, allowing the musician to see clearly the path he or she is headed. And it's entertaining...the first time I put it on I simply sat and watched the whole thing, it was great ! This is the best thing short of a private teacher. - David Reihs
Hello everybody--I just received Karim Nagi's Riqq instructional video, and I have to say it's very good. I've heard a lot of people say they want to learn how to play this drum, and this is great,,,begins at an intermediate level and goes up from there. I didn't really expect to learn much regarding technique, but actually I learned a surprising amount, and I'm not all the way through it yet. I just wanted to let people know this is a good resource..a lot of bang for the buck. 35 bucks for 10 lessons worth of material, I'd say. Maybe more. Check it out, and thanks Karim for making this DVD. I'm sure David Kuckherman's will also be excellent, and I absolutely will buy it once it's available, but this is 2 hours of just Riq instruction. This video got me back to my Riqs even though I have a new Emin darbuka (which is unbelievable). - Gary Moser
Gary, I bought Karim's DVD as well and agree that I was surprised at the quality of Karim's instruction. I thought that it was well organized, the video was nicely edited, the DVD navigation was easy to use and Karim is a great player/teacher. I would recommend this DVD to anyone looking for a fresh instructional DVD on the Riq. I've been playing Riq since December 2004, and I was kinda stuck on a plateau. This DVD has helped me more up the hill on my skill set. I look forward to David K's DVD.My only comment about Karim's video is that he spookily reminds me of Andy Kaufman (may he rest in peace...) ;-) - Mike Oitzman